Social Day 2021

Social Day is an event organized by the youth organization Youth Can in order to involve young people and get acquainted with the professional environment through a one-day internship. The young students who visited our company started the day with our engineers who first introduced them to the types of servers and memory, UPS as well as Active Directory, DNS, DHCP and Windows Server Manager and taught them how to create an email address and user profile. Our service technicians then explained their fieldwork tasks and demonstrated the functions of the Smart Boards.

Next, our young visitors had the opportunity to discuss with fellow programmers about  the programming languages ​​that they use and  how to create a page according to given instructions, as well as how to generate a report in Excel and PDF for a given data. Through a specific problem, the colleagues from the technical and user support showed them how through the remote access program TeamViewer they can login into a client’s computer and make the necessary corrections in the application software created by our team. We also introduced them to the tools we use and the databases we work with (Informix and MS SQL).

Finally, they also also had the opportunity to discuss with our director the challenges faced by IT professionals and the working benefits offered by the IT industry. At the end of their working day, the group was tasked to develop a crisis management plan according to previously given instructions by their mentor.

Our Ultra team thanks all the participants and we remain committed and open for cooperation with youngsters and student organizations!

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