Ready made solutions

Outpatient and Inpatient Treatment Information System (HIS)

The system is fully integrated and is an on-the-shelf solution that includes automation of processes and procedures in secondary and tertiary health care, as well as integration and data exchange with the existing ERP system. The treatments are in real time in several modules: patient file, appointment, specialist-consultative outpatient examinations, admission and discharge of patients in the hospital, examinations, calculation and invoicing, reports and statistics, data exchange, etc.

Non-life Insurance Information System (OSIS)

OSIS is a general insurance application software suitable for small to medium-sized non-life insurance companies. The system covers tariff system, calculations and policies, receivables, reinsurance, legal services, premium accounting, reporting and statistics module, defining plans and objectives, as well as investment software and ERP modules such as financial management, fixed assets, payroll and staff.

Life Insurance Information System (OSIS Life)

The web web application software is suitable for small to medium life insurance companies. Covers tariff system, calculations and policies, receivables, premium accounting, reinsurance, legal services, reporting and statistics module, defining plans and objectives, CRM portal, Frontend portal, KPI and control panels, as well as investment software and ERP modules such as : Financial Management, Fixed Assets, Payroll and Personnel. OSIS Life includes a system module: role administration, users and access levels, notifications, documents, data exchange, and integration with other systems.

Laboratory Information System (ManuLis)

The application was created in cooperation with the Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Georgi D. Efremov - MANU. It aims to follow the complete processing of the data and follows the procedure from the receipt of the materials for analysis, to the issuance of all findings from the laboratory analysis. The application is based on patient records, materials, methods, possible outcomes, mutations, and their genotypes. Communication with other institutions is enabled to simplify data transfer by generating various reports and files.

Display Information System (IDIS)

The system informs clients about all work activities in the Ministry of Justice and provides information on the schedule, required documentation and history. The solution can be used as a stand-alone solution, or a solution that interacts and reads data from existing databases.

ERP and Personal +

The ERP system contains solutions for financial management, stock management, commercial operations, production, cash registers, fixed assets, personnel management and payroll. The Personal+ software package consists of modules for human resource management: personnel management, salary calculation, etc.

Custom made solutions

EXIM (Export-Import)

Web based one-stop shop system for submitting applications and issuing licenses for import, export and transit of goods in / from / through the territory of North Macedonia. The system is used by all state bodies that issue such licenses and entities that import, export and transit goods that are under the licensing regime. The system includes allocation of quotas for certain imported goods managed by the Customs Administration.

Treasury Information System (TRIS)

The system serves as a pillar for recording and processing all financial transactions related to the budget of central and local government, line ministries, spending units and public funds. The e-Treasury software solution is a portal that enables budget users to perform the processes related to submitting plans, commitments, payment requests and receiving reports without visiting the treasury offices in order to achieve efficiency and effectiveness, ie availability of services. 24/7, cost reduction,

Education Management Information System (EMIS)

A complex education system that supports some of the basic processes of the Ministry of Education and Science, including teaching staff and inspectors, curricula from the BDE and VET, a large number of school and student processes in primary and secondary education. ESARU collects, verifies and processes data, exchanges data with other relevant institutions (Ministry of Finance, State Statistical Office, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy) and generates reports. Provides supervision of processes and procedures that are under the competence of the State Education Inspectorate.


Web application that provides submission, processing, and automatic generation of tax forms. Taxpayers can view data on their status, debts, etc., as well as all generated documents.


Complete set of modules for the needs of the tax administration which includes: the single register of taxpayers and the integrated tax book, which constitutes the core of the tax information system (DANIS), specific modules for processing different taxes and fees, as well as common modules for administrative procedures, data with other institutions, etc.


Web application for complete administration of personal income tax, through which personal income tax can be applied for, processed and determined. Provides authorization and authentication of different types of users (individuals, companies, PRO employees, SMI inspectors). Includes a VAT refund module for individuals and a module for the administration of state aid related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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