Software Projects

Software Projects

Hospital Information System for general hospital purpose including ERP.

HIS comprises the following modules:
Patient scheduling, appointments, waiting lists, Patient identification and Registration, In-Patient management, Recording, Transfers, Out-patient administration and management, Preparation of discharge documents, Stationery, Laboratory and Internal Pharmacy.

As well as ERP modules such as: Financial Management and Commercial Operations.

With this integrated system health personnel can work on easy way and can decrease their workflow. The system provides possibilities for creation of reports, statistics, analysis etc.

This system has been already implemented in the following public hospitals and clinics:

  • PHI University Clinic for face, jaw and neck surgery – Maxillofacial Surgery Skopje
  • City General Hospital 8th September
  • PHI University Clinic for neurology
  • PHI University Clinic for pulmonology and allergology
  • PHI University Clinic for radiotherapy and oncology
  • PHI University Clinic for plastic and reconstructive surgery
  • PHI University Clinic for child diseases
  • Research Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology “Georgi D. Efremov ” – Macedonian Academy of Science & Arts

In the private healthcare sector, Hospital Information System has been installed in:

  • Private Hospital “Mala Bogorodica” – Skopje
  • Sistina Oftalmologija Skopje
  • Denica Eye Clinic
  • European Eye Hospital
  • Sistina NefroPlus dialysis centers
  • Sistina Ophthalmology
  • Gynecology & Obstetrics „Dr. Ina“
  • Gynecology & Obstetrics “Dr. Kokorоmanovska”
  • SHENDETI Hospital Tetovo

Institute for Oncology and Radiotherapy

Institute for Radiotherapy and Oncology – In addition to standard Hospital Information System, the separate Chemotherapy Planner Module has been developed.

This module generates one or more courses of chemotherapy with a choice of protocol treatment. Calculations of BSA and CrCR (according to Cockroft-Gault formula or Shatelut) are done for each course. There is a possibility for verification of selected cytostatic by a doctor with the possibility of replacing it.

Payment & Control Information System for the Healthcare (PCIS) – Health Insurance Fund

Payment Control Information System is application software for HIF governance, financial management and control the budget expenditures. It covers Budget Execution, Centralized recording of Budget institutions and Funds, Commitment management, Liquidity and cash management, Execution monitoring and reporting, Account management and maintenance, and Budget accounting. PCIS is completely integrated with the Treasury Information System (TRIS) in the Ministry of Finance (MoF). It is installed on Central and 30 HIF branch offices.

Maintenance, Support and Development of the existing ERP – Health Insurance Fund – 2008 Following ours’ customers demands for maintenance and support of their existing ERP application we have created special team for support and maintenance, as well for development of additional modules to respond to their needs and requirements through all year.

The maintenance and support includes adaptations, customisation and interventions in the source code of the existing application, as well as development of new modules using modern developments tools.