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Export-Import Licences (EXIM) eGoverment Project – Macedonian Custom Administration

EXIM is web based one-stop shop system for submission of applications for and issuance of licenses from import, export and transit of goods in/from/through the territory of Republic of Macedonia. The system is used by all state bodies that issue such licenses and privates entities that import, export and transit goods which are under regime of licensing. The system covers distribution of quotas for specific imported goods and submission of ECD, both administered by Custom Office.

Ultra developed a unique Single Window model in the world that includes issuance of all necessary licenses required from the Government Authorities for the cross-border trade.The application was financed by USAID for the benefit of Macedonian Customs Administration.The solution is called Single Window for Licenses for Import, Export and Transit of Goods and Tariff Quotas –

EXIM outcomes influenced the higher ranking and the progress made in the Macedonian economy given in World Bank “Doing Business” Reports for 2009 and 2010. EXIM was awarded with the first prize on the 2009-2010 national competition for “best ICT solution in the Public Sector in the Republic of Macedonia”. EXIM is nominated for a world prize on the WITSA awards for ICT Excellence.

  EXIM Brochure

Treasury Information System (TRIS)

Ministry of Finance A joint team from the Treasury Departmentand Ultra developed and implemented the Treasury Information System (TRIS), a comprehensive system serving as a backbone for recording and processing of all financial transactions related to the budget of the central government, line ministries, spending units and public funds.

The system is based on the Treasury Single Account, composed of more than 15.000 sub-accounts used to process public revenues collected through the commercial banks, budget transfers and expenditures and other incoming/outgoing transactions for over 1.500 budget users, thus serving as their “bank”.

Main TRIS features include:

  • preparation
  • transfer
  • processing and feed-back information for monthly plans
  • funds requests and refunds from 16 treasury office
  • PRO and Customs
  • control and maintenance of spending limits
  • daily and on-request statements for budget users in paper form
  • fax and electronic form
  • automated transfer of collected public revenues to beneficiaries (local government, funds)
  • automated data exchange with NBRM
  • commitment management
  • reporting functions etc.

TRIS provides for improved:

  • planning and control over the budget execution
  • close and timely monitoring of the government’s cash position
  • facilitation of the preparation of financial statements
  • other financial reports for budgeting, analysis and financial control.

MAPAS- Agency for supervision of fully funded pension insurance

The Agency for Supervision of Fully Funded Pension Insurance (MAPAS) is responsible for controlling and supervising the operation of the fully funded pension insurance system through a combination of off-site and on-site supervision. The software solution supporting the core business processes of MAPAS consists of 8 interconnected modules: The software solution supporting the core business processes of MAPAS consists of 8 interconnected modules:

  • Supervision and Control of Sales Agent Applications, Examinations and Registration
  • Membership Agreement Management
  • Contribution Collection Activity
  • Fees Supervision and Control Module
  • Investment Supervision and Control Module
  • Supervision and Control of Pension Company and Pension Fund Accounting
  • Pension Benefit Supervision and Control Module
  • Transfer Supervision and Control Module

MAPAS is a Web based solution, providing a central point for integration and online communication between all entities that participate in the fully funded pension system – Pension Companies, Custodians, Pension and Disability Fund, and MAPAS.

In this project a wide range of new technologies are implemented and deployed on Oracle Application Server 10g and Oracle Database 10g. Oracle Portal is used for the first time in Macedonia for delivering the web tier of the MAPAS project. The resulting MAPAS Portal contains standard application windows – portlets, developed using J2EE technology. This project also required providing standard, open, internet based way of communication among several external IT systems (applications) and entities. For this purpose Web Services are developed and deployed on the Application Server. XML technology is used for providing another type of communication among different entities and a messaging system is developed to handle the communication. Oracle BPEL Process Manager is used as a new product to orchestrate the workflow of different processes, both internal and external to the system.

PERSONAL+ for Government Agencies

The Software Package PERSONAL+ consists of several modules for Human Resource Management (Personnel Management, Calculation of Salaries). This package has been implemented in the 35 Courts in the Republic of Macedonia, Faculty for Security, MAPAS, and the Office of the President of RM.

Accounting Systems for Government Agencies

The Accounting System for government agencies consist of several modules, such as:

  • Planning and budget execution
  • Financial Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Materials Management
The biggest installation is implemented in the Court system of Macedonia (ABMS system) as USAID funded project. It is also implemented in several ministries, agencies and budget spending units:
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Policy
  • Ministry of Education and Science
  • Office of the President of RM
  • Public Revenue Office
  • State Statistical Bureau
  • Agency for Sport and Youth
  • Museum of Macedonia, etc.

Tax Information System (DANIS) – Ministry of Finance – Public Revenue Office of Macedonia DANIS

DANIS is a complete set of modules for the needs of the Tax Administration: the Unique Taxpayer Register and the Integrated Tax Ledger, which constitute the core of the Tax Information System (DANIS), specific modules for processing of different taxes and fees and common modules for administrative procedures, data exchange with other institutions, etc. Main functionalities of DANIS include:

  • Unique Taxpayer Register and supporting evidences
  • Modules for processing of different types of taxes: Turnover Taxes (VAT; Excises), Personal Income Taxes, Property Taxes, Municipality fees
  • Integrated Tax Ledger
  • dministrative Procedure (case tracking of appeals)
  • Flexible definition of output documents (assessment notices, reminder notices, reports)
  • Data Exchange with External Institutions

Info Display Information System (IDIS) – Ministry of Justice

The Info Display Information System is used to inform the clients about all work activities in the Ministry of Justice. Also this system gives information about scheduling, required documentation and history. It consist three applications where one is administration and the other two are client oriented. The solution has a posibillity to be used a as stand alone solution, or a solution that interacts and reads the data from the existing databases of the Court Information System.