Since 1997, Ultra is one of the biggest IBM Advanced Business Partners in Macedonia and leading company in the field of installation, configuration and support of IBM equipment. Acting as Solution Provider for pSeries servers, xSeries servers and storage systems, Data Management Distributor/Partner, Software Partner and Authorized Warranty Service Provider, Ultra’s vision is to retain market leadership in the area of complex information system in the country and to conquer new markets in the region and wider:

Ultra has installed base of over 80 pSeries/RISC servers with over 220 processors, ranging from 1up to 24 processor machines, in different mission critical environments (Ministries, Banks, Insurances, Production, Retail, Education…).

Ultra has installed base of over 20 SAN sites in Clustered environments (AIX and Windows) with over 50TB physical capacity.

Ultra has installed base of over 250 IBM xSeries (Intel based) servers in Windows/Linux environments.

In order to achieve maximum level of support, Ultra is also providing following services to its customers: Project management, System engineering and system management, Production management and Maintenance (Preventive/Adaptive/Corective).

The maintenance of the equipment and support services are performed in Ultra Service Facility & IBM Authorized Warranty Service Center of 200 square meters located in Skopje. The service center and the laboratory for testing and support purposes is equiped by the latest technology standards and operates in the special environment. The support call centar is available 24/7.