Our missions

Our Mission

Mission statement:

To inspire our customers to improve the quality of their businesses and become market leaders in their respective industries, while being a market leader in the IT industry.

Vision statement:

To retain market leadership in the area of innovative, cutting-edge, high-end complex ICT systems in the country and to conquer new markets in the region and wider.

Ultra’s pledge for partnership with its clients, the understanding of their current and future business needs, the expertise in all segments of IT, and most of all, the vision for technology in a way that will maximize clients’ benefits, are the foundations of our market-leadership position in the country and a guarantee for continuous growth and further achievements in the IT markets in the region.

IMS Policy:

The main target of the Company ULTRA Ltd. is to be one of the main leaders and best suppliers of informatics and communication technology products and services in Macedonia and at the region, directing the activity to deliver quality goods and services on time as well as complete fulfilling of all technical requests of the customers.

For the respective goal, taking into consideration the requests of the customers, we focus to technical – technology achievements in the field of informatics and communication technology, performing processes with quality and directing toward continuous improvement of the processes regarding quality, environmental protection, service management and data protection. The basic idea that leads the success of the company is permanent communication with the customers that allows us to identify their current and future needs.

Our permanent improving of the quality of the products and services in optimal working costs and prevention of environmental pollution is basic objective and goal of each employee.

We achieve profit, liquidity and security as well as better social status for the employees with our professional approach and permanent education.

We have permanent development of the cooperation with approved suppliers who are capable to follow the quality of our needs.

The responsible managing additionally contributes in fulfilling all obligations and responsibilities to the authorities and environmental. ULTRA Ltd. permanently fulfills new and amendmend in the current legislation connected with the international standards related to IMS.

Through applying the policy and standards of IMS (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 20000) by all employees we provide fulfilling of all our targets to achieve customers, owners, employees and society requests.

Information Security Policy:

ULTRA DOO is obliged to implement and to approve the information security system applying ISO 27001 Standard.


  • Define and implement tangible policies and processes with special attention to the companies’ property protection against all risks (internal and external)
  • Increase clients’ trust applying safety standards
  • Improve the System for Managing Information Security with applying and regular checking the tangible safety objectives for suitable functions and levels of the organization
  • Work according to the business and legal requests
  • Provide systems for protection of unauthorized entrance
  • Provide data confidentiality
  • Provide mechanisms for identification and review the risks and repercussions from safety brakes of protected data
  • Communicate all relevant safety policies and working directions to the clients, employees and other interested parties
To inspire our customers to improve the quality of their businesses and become market leaders in their respective industries, while being a market leader in the IT industry.
Over the last 20 years, Ultra has grown beyond plain application software development, and expanded into new fields, such as system integration, supply of computer and communication infrastructure, development of specialized hardware and software systems and value added services.
Ultra`s employees are certified in various fields:
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